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KYMCO Scooters AustraliaMany of restaurants and bars are looking for alternatives to keep creating some turnover in current times to avoid closing down.

Take away and home delivery are the obvious option to keep the doors at least partially open.

It is known that there is a range of companies catering to those who want to outsource food delivery – and can/want to afford the steep % taken by those app-based delivery services.
For many restaurants this pricing/cost model is not profitable to keep the kitchen open and customers frequenting their menu.

One alternative to this is to investigate the option to acquire your own delivery scooter – and recruit your own staff to carry out the delivery – keep the whole process in house and in your control.

We recommend contacting one of our dealers, if you consider home delivery, it is a matter of calculating the costs- and running costs of your own scooter – versus the $$ spent on outsourcing that service


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2 months ago

Moto Central Canberra

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