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Sherco debuts the ST 2014 range
  • Sherco ST 2014

Sherco debuts the ST 2014 range

Sherco continues the evolution of its trial models with the introduction of the new ST2014 range. We continue to be faithful to the tradition of offering our customers products that are of the highest efficiency. The increased sale of trials motorcycles in recent years is based on the continued evolution and development of the product line. Often times the changes are very small but very effective, this has allowed Sherco to become a clear reference in the areas of quality and efficiency.

In recent years, Sherco has concentrated its efforts on the continuous improvement of its products. This in turn has required our suppliers who form the industrial fabric of our industry to adapt to the process which has resulted in making a better product that is of higher quality and more efficient. The greatest example of this in the trials market is probably the ST 3.0.  This model is still under development and it is being constantly revised, improving slowly but surely in every area in order to give the trials rider the best and most consistent bike to utilize in the practice of the sport of trials which requires balance and skill.

The star of the 2014 series is the new ST 1.2. The junior model Sherco receives a new engine plus all of the general improvements of the series. The new engine has, new cases, a new crankshaft with a longer stroke, it also has a reduced piston diameter along with a new cylinder head. These changes result in a significant increase in power, which opens up new opportunities for development. Thanks to new thermodynamics, a new exhaust system and a new ignition management board, which was designed specifically for the new engine configuration, this new engine is an evolutionary change that has produced substantial benefits.

This new engine is fitted with a new exhaust system, it is composed of a new exhaust outlet that flows into a completely new muffler and expansion chamber. The exterior design is totally new and the inside of the chamber receives even more changes. The net result is a system the improves the efficiency of the movement of the exhaust gases which optimizes the engine breathing in every situation. This change in the exhaust system is common to the whole Sherco range.

This major improvement in the exhaust system in conjunction with a new ECU engine management program has had a major impact on the power of the ST 3.0 model. It has improved the engine response, it is much more linear which is a great benefit in the current no-stop trials competition rules. The new rules require a more manageable engine when approaching obstacles, the new changes however do not sacrifice the extraordinary power of the Sherco 3.0 engine. The fuel supply to the carburetor has also been changed, the fuel pump impulses are now obtained directly from the crankcase, resulting in better performance and improved fuel delivery to the Keihin carburetor. The bypass of excess fuel back to the fuel tank has also been improved.

The Sherco ST2014 model range will be available in five engine sizes, 80cc, 125cc, 250cc, 290cc and 300cc. All of the models will have a similar appearance in the chassis, bodywork, and plastic, with yellow, black, white and blue brand characteristics. The new Sherco graphics on a black plastic base will give the bikes an attractive and racy appearance when viewed from any angle.